Its not as bad as it seems


EVERYONE CAN COMPLETE that sentence from their own perception or observation of how life has treated them. Regardless to the situations you may face or the devastating moments that destroyed your spirit, it’s not the end of the world. That moment of disappointment or anguish will pass. You only feel the residue of it’s after affect, a residue that is identified by the human mind and thus transmitted throughout the body. As a result, you perception of the event produces an outward effect to match the inner emotions. But it will pass…. The key to overcoming all trials or tribulations that cross our path it to embrace and let go. Embrace the purpose of the trials/tribulations….but let go of the lingering after effect that haunts and torments your mind. Each day is filled with new grace and mercies. Leave yesterday where it is, and focus on today as we hope for the future.