A Shift of Thoughts

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Day Twenty-Four: A Shift of Thoughts

A young man walked beside me one day and I could feel his burdens. A thought pulsated within my veins and rose like a peculiar fragrance. I shared words of wisdom with him and went about my way. He took a few steps forward and paused as those insightful words sat upon his mind. He then looked back at me as if he understood.

“If you can’t change whatever you are going through by thinking about it, simply stop thinking about it.”

Those profound words speak about the power of the mind. Our thoughts can control our physical output in a positive or negative way. As we shun away from all thoughts of negativity,our life will flow in a prosperous way.nice

Dream again….

Never give up on your dreams. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Consider the great inventions, they were first an idea, that became a reality-through hard work.
If you have faith to believe, and works to go with your faith, then you can have whatsoever you desire. Remember faith without works is dead.

P.S. Remember

“There is a blessing in the press….. A blessing doesn’t simply mean physical objects, but a blessing is an empowerment. It is the authorization to triumph in and through circumstances, trials, tribulations, and obstacles.”

Your Better Days Are Coming

There is a day coming when your present will be as an adolescence memory. Can you remember the color of your first bottle? Or the name of the nurse who brought you to your mother? Just as those days have faded away in a great distance, so shall your current condition. As it takes is a little faith and physical efforts to assist your faith. Now, it doesn’t mean that your current condition is so bad that you need days of relief to elevate the pressure from your mind, but rather the phrase ‘your better days are coming’ is simply a statement or declaration of faith.

Mental Growth

Let us leave yesterday in the past. The only thing we can gleam from it is knowledge, whether good or bad. So strive in the newness of today. Even if you make a mistake, move from it mentally first, and then detach your body from it, if it’s a physical ailment or physical stumbling block.
Sometimes we stay in yesterday and miss the blessings that are waiting for us today.

“You are destined with a divine purpose. Our purpose isn’t defined by your possessions, but a shift from “YOUR” previous plans and thoughts, and a realization that your creation wasn’t some random cosmic accident. Regardless to what society dictates, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You are intelligent, brilliant, creative, and gifted. Don’t measure your quality by someone’s quantity. Instead, launch out in the vastness of your creativity and step into your destiny.” ~T.K.Ware



I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean

Regardless to however your life’s course may have taken, there is still another uncharted journey awaiting you. Adjust your faith and shift toward another direction. Everyone has a destination according to their individual purpose. As the wind of troubles, heartaches, pain, sufferings, disappointments, and anxiety blows, change your perception and charter a new course. It will lead you to your destination.

I can’t change …