Okay lets relax, but remain focused for a brighter day

As we dive into yet another weekend, for some this is a moment of relaxation, and for others this is a time to rejuvenate and to focus on the future while living in the present. Life has a way of throwing diverse circumstances, trials, and tribulations our way; but if anything is allowed to cross our path, then the ability to overcome is within. We only need to tap into the source from which all strength cometh. The catastrophic events that are displayed on the news can easily detour our focus and cause us to enter a state of panic. In the process, we often forget the promises that have been spoken over our lives by the great founder of humanity; GOD.
Besides, it is written:
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Its not as bad as it seems


EVERYONE CAN COMPLETE that sentence from their own perception or observation of how life has treated them. Regardless to the situations you may face or the devastating moments that destroyed your spirit, it’s not the end of the world. That moment of disappointment or anguish will pass. You only feel the residue of it’s after affect, a residue that is identified by the human mind and thus transmitted throughout the body. As a result, you perception of the event produces an outward effect to match the inner emotions. But it will pass…. The key to overcoming all trials or tribulations that cross our path it to embrace and let go. Embrace the purpose of the trials/tribulations….but let go of the lingering after effect that haunts and torments your mind. Each day is filled with new grace and mercies. Leave yesterday where it is, and focus on today as we hope for the future.

Intoxicated with Jubilance

As we travel through the highways of life, there are moments when our journey may seem bumpy; moments when the worst that could happen…happens. In spite of everything we encounter, we must not allow the spirit of worry to saturate our spirit. To worry is to torment oneself. After hours of torment, nothing will change except for the manifestation of a heavy spirit.

The key to not worrying is to not worry. Don’t allow situations to dictate your response, instead settle your spirit and allow wisdom to enter. Once you walk in wisdom, circumstances will only seem like a snowflake falling from heaven….they will simply fade away with time.

There Is A Promise

There is peace after the storm as there is joy after trouble.

They say troubles won’t last always, and pain is only temporary. Whenever you are buried beneath trials it’s hard the see your way out. Just because you cannot discern an exit, doesn’t mean one isn’t provided. Nothing can destroy you unless “You” allow it too. Success is not defined by the abundance of financial gain, but through the awareness of your intuition. It is freedom from oppression and depression. When your mind is free to believe, opportunity will lead, and guide you to your pot of gold. And you shall gleam in the brightness of understanding, and your illumination shall be vivid.


Mothers Are Beautiful

Mothers Are Beautiful

Mothers are rare and special,

Hand crafted and given from above.

Any woman can birth a child, but

Only Mothers can demonstrate true love,

Through nurture, guidance, understanding, and care-

And at times she can speak volumes with a stern stare-

Only a special woman can occupy this trait,

Mothers are beautiful, and their beauty can be seen day after day.

They are honored, and cherished throughout the year,

But especially in the month of May.

Mothers age in beauty,

Their words caress with wisdom,

Their smile can touch from a distance, encourage and ignite a spark-

And their love comforts and heals those that are weary and broken in heart-

Mothers are special and rare,

A precious gift from above,

A vessel of compassion, that sprinkles her joy with love-

It’s because of you, many are alive-

Some are born naturally and others are born by the sparkle in your eyes.

I pray blessings continues to fill your day,

We celebrate you always, but especially in the month of May.

Happy Mother’s Day