The Rose of Ebony (Book One & Two)


Ebony never thought she’d be labeled as a backslider. Not because she was perfect, but for the simple fact that she is the pastor’s daughter. Her father preached against the lifestyle she became a victim to.

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The Pastor’s Daughter(Ebony finds out she’s pregnant and shares the events after that moment)
Ebony’s Confessions (Ebony shares the events that led up to her pregnancy)
Confessions of a Backslider(The minister she had the affair with shares his side of the story)
The Pastor’s Confessions (Ebony’s father shares his thoughts of betrayal. When his daughter was hospitalized, she confessed to having an affair with one of the married ministers in the church. The same minister that sat next to her father in the pulpit)

The Pastor’s Daughter (Available)
Ebony’s Confessions (Available)
Confessions of a Backslider (COMING SOON)
The Pastor’s Confessions (COMING SOON)
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The Mindset Renewal Series (Books One-Three)

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Battling & Overcoming Self:

We all at one point in our lives have entered a battle of some sort. A battle isn’t always a physical exertion of brutish force; the most profound battles are fought within the mind. Every argument or situation you’ve faced is a result of outward thoughts. The manifestation that occurs bodily is an assimilation of thoughts, derived from your perception, which is a product of your environment.

  • How many times have you warred in your mind over a situation, trying to come up with a solution, but found yourself reliving the event?
  • Have negative thoughts ever flooded your mind to such a degree that you didn’t know what to do?
  • Do unholy thoughts enter your mind in waves, drowning you in a seat of remorse?

We must understand that thoughts are intangible (spirit) and can only become tangible (physical) through our acts. There are times when we make mistakes and somehow can’t mentally break free from those events. Instead, you find yourself re-experiencing the event mentally and constantly asking for forgiveness, hoping that God will somehow erase your mind of all traces of that moment….

Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration:

Many people spend the majority of their time battling thoughts of insecurity. This way of thinking will cause the body to manifest the emotions thereof. In the process, we beat ourselves up and summon a heap of assumptions. In this mindset, we approach people, thinking they have evil thoughts about us, and we believe the lies we have created within the walls of our mind. An explosion will erupt at the end of this cycle and people will become emotionally damaged or relationships will become altered….

21 Day Journey of Inspiration:

It is beneficial to ponder on the words we speak. When harsh words exit your mouth toward a loved one, family member, or friend, the wall of respect is shattered. In some cases, marriage ends in divorce, jobs are lost, fights are initiated, and friendships are destroyed. Unlike merchandise, you cannot return those words, even with multiple apologies, which really aren’t needed. You must search within and find out the reason why you harbored and allowed those words to come out.

Once you acknowledge your lack of control, search thoroughly within, and then pray for deliverance. Sometimes our actions are the product of unresolved emotions toward a particular event, dating as far as our childhood or another relationship. Uncontrolled emotions are like a hurricane landing on a small village….

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The Pastor’s Daughter Review

EbonySometimes the best gift is a book that does more than just entertain. Although The Pastor’s Daughter is a fictional story, it reads as someone sharing a personal testimony of deliverance. Ebony fell in to sin just like everyone does from time to time. Unbridled lustful passions may not be your offense, but their is still space of error, in which deliverance must come forth. Ebony has a timely story to share. Maybe you can help her,  share this gut-wrenching story with the world.

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5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

The Pastor’s Daughter (The Rose of Ebony) by TK Ware is an inspirational fiction story. Nineteen-year-old Ebony is pregnant. The father is a married man. That’s not the worst of it. You see, Ebony’s father is the Pastor and the man who has fathered her baby is also a member of the church. While she tries to keep the pregnancy secret while she decides what to do, emotions are getting the better of her. Facing shame, she makes a threat, that she is going to tell everyone and take the consequences, but soon sees things from another side when she calms down. Unfortunately, the truth will out and Ebony finds herself having to confess. What will the consequences be? Will her parents take her side or disown her?

The Pastor’s Daughter (The Rose of Ebony) by TK Ware was something of a thought provoking tale. Being a short story, a lot was fitted into a small space and it did move rather quickly but that’s no bad thing. I liked the way the book was written – chapters telling of the girl’s plight interspersed with confessions from Ebony herself, written in the first person. It gave a lot of depth and meaning to the story and made you see things not just as an outsider but as a confidante, from a more privileged position.

It is a Christian book but the messages contained within are not aimed solely at the Christian community. At one point during a confessional, Ebony asks that we not judge her and that is something that happens all too quickly these days – people being judged and tried before they have had a chance to tell their side. I enjoyed the book very much, the characters were developed in such a way that it was easy to identify with them and the storyline is one that is all too common these days. A good book, I would recommend it to anyone who likes short stories.

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