Nothing just happens.

But everything is the totality of variables, created by your environment, and filtered through your perception. Your happiness is based on what you consider happiness is. Never allow someone else to redefine your idea of happiness.

Happiness mean a state of being happy─ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Based on the definition, I can’t determine your level of happiness by my perception. Only “you” can decide what you perceive happiness is. In the area of relationships, the epitome of that union rest in finding a significant other to enjoy life with. Sometimes people settle for “superficial happiness” and forget their standards because of loneliness. When you give into the emotions of loneliness, it will make you search out for fabricated love in all the wrong places. It’s only fabricated because you make yourself feel a certain way when the evidence screams in your face─SHE IS NOT THE ONE! HE IS NOT THE ONE! RUNAWAY! GOD HAS SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU!

How do you know when that special person is the “one” for you? Have you ever been with someone and couldn’t figure out why you’re with that person?



A HUSBAND’S LOVE SNEAK PEEK~Coming this Valentine’s Day

John, poised with courage, glanced over at Emma and her mother. He exhaled and felt a surge of guilt pulsate within his veins, knowing he had brought his problems into their home. He mustered up enough courage and approached the intruders, hoping to detour their attention away from Emma and her mother.

Suddenly without warning….
Something happened….
Bullets were fired….


In a world where selfishness is common as the early morning dew. Where agendas begin with I and ends with me, abides a few chosen, peculiar, royal people and divinely appointed people. A selected group of individuals who utilize their gifts to advance the kingdom, taking a back seat to pride, wealth, fame, and fortune.

These peculiar people rather choose to reach out, and help those who are striving to make it from one day to another. Infused with compassion, and selfishness, this selected group of individuals cast forth with a divine mission, a charge to reach the world through their manifested demonstrations of love.

Love gives and with that notion, only those to whom it applies will give themselves unto the LORD, simply to be used for His glory.

Life is filled with experiences. Through these experiences we gain a measure of wisdom. This is not for vain glory, but rather to share with those who are seeking a brighter day, and who are entangled in the web of decision.

A purpose without a direction withers and dies. When our purpose is cultivated with love and compassion, it equips our mortal being with agape love, and compels us to reach out to others. Sometimes all is takes is a kind word or a deposit of wisdom to help someone make it from one day to another. We each are endowed with a gift that if ignited properly, would give off rays brighter than the sun; thus casting away darkness in the minds of the people. Whether you are an author, poet, minister, writer, builder, teacher, artist of some sort, singer, rapper, motivational speaker, a fellow believer, or whatever your gift may be. We all have a gift or light that can help others. The key to our light’s illumination relies in the connection. We must stay connected to the source from which all gifts cometh. One thing about a gift is it’s given from one to another, and with that concept, every gift is given for a purpose. We must search and discover its purpose and thus illuminate others. Once we walk in the process, our works will bring glory back to the giver of the gift.

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.