Nothing just happens.

But everything is the totality of variables, created by your environment, and filtered through your perception. Your happiness is based on what you consider happiness is. Never allow someone else to redefine your idea of happiness.

Happiness mean a state of being happy─ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Based on the definition, I can’t determine your level of happiness by my perception. Only “you” can decide what you perceive happiness is. In the area of relationships, the epitome of that union rest in finding a significant other to enjoy life with. Sometimes people settle for “superficial happiness” and forget their standards because of loneliness. When you give into the emotions of loneliness, it will make you search out for fabricated love in all the wrong places. It’s only fabricated because you make yourself feel a certain way when the evidence screams in your face─SHE IS NOT THE ONE! HE IS NOT THE ONE! RUNAWAY! GOD HAS SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU!

How do you know when that special person is the “one” for you? Have you ever been with someone and couldn’t figure out why you’re with that person?




WebIt’s been months since Jake and Jennifer learned the identity of Sebastian Spyder and his plot to sabotage their marriage. All seem well— a rekindle martial flame, job promotions, stronger faith, and an unbreakable bond of trust. One late night Jake is disturbed by a dream, a premonition, an uncanny feeling that something is about to happen. Weeks later a strange woman befriends his wife. Not many days hence, Sebastian Spyder returns to the city with one final agenda— to rip up and destroy everything associated with Jake and Jennifer. 




Jake and Jennifer had the perfect marriage.

Jake Ross was a shareholder at one of the largest firms in the city. Everyone respected him and appreciated his work performance.

Jennifer Ross was the senior editor at Inspired Publications, a book publishing company known for its inspirational publications.

Like every marriage, Jake and Jennifer had their problems, but this time it went too far. An innocent relationship at work brought chaos into a lovely home, and injected the poison of mistrust. Jake and Jennifer’s love for one another wavered immensely, as they drifted apart and into the web of a stranger. The spider’s poison entangled and allured them away from their faith as he sought the treasure of their inheritance.

“Jake. God- fearing. Intelligent, successful, happily married, he lives in a perfect environment that exemplifies his blessedness. But he is about to discover the danger of temptation and the poison of mistrust that began when a spider designed a web to entrap its prey and to capture a treasure…”


Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

Are you able to dictate how every aspect of your life would turn out? What about if you are a believer, can you pray your way into the path that you desire? Web Of Allure: A House Divided Cannot Stand by T.K. Ware is a robust, explosive and engaging short story about how quickly one small indiscretion can take a turn for the worst. Web Of Allure tells about how the lives of Jake and Jennifer began like a fairy tale. They had everything from God being the head of their lives, and a beautiful marriage, to living the careers of their dreams. Jake’s and Jennifer’s lives were blessed every step of the way. Little did they know that what seemed to be a blessing could also created a mark, or curse, on their marriage. Would they be able to escape the web of deception and the lure of the traps that had been set for them?

The decisions that we make today affect not only us, but those around us and our future. In reading Web Of Allure: A House Divided Cannot Stand by T.K. Ware, I was able to see how the ebb and flow of marriage can be extremely challenging. We think that when no one is looking, like our spouse, that something as simple as dipping a toe into temptation is harmless. Web Of Allure: A House Divided Cannot Stand by T.K.Ware shows that despite your faith, and how much you pray, you must be prepared to overcome obstacles along the way. Don’t let the trappings of this world cloud your character.




img_2023❌COMING SOON❌

❌Taken from a partial REALITY❌
Jake and Jennifer had the perfect marriage until….

Samantha cleared her throat. “Marriage is a beautiful thing if God is the center of the marriage. Have you and Jake even prayed together? Have you went to marriage counseling?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and glanced down at her IPhone. “Counseling for what? ”

Samantha smiled. “I guess you have decided to move outside of God’s will. People can get so far outside of God’s will, to where they actually think what they are doing is right, and in the process lives are destroyed.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes again. “Isn’t there some work you need to be doing?”

Yes ma’am,” Samantha said smiling. “I’ll get back to work.”



The Summer Sizzler of Inspiration-Web of Allure-July 31,2013

“She sent me divorce papers!” Jake yelled, crumbling the papers up in his hand, as a tear crawled out the corner of his eye.

Cedric held the phone for a few seconds. “Are you all right? Where are you?”

“I’m at work,” Jake yelled. “She had this guy to come to my job. People were looking at this guy, and some of them already know who he is. What kind of mess is this? I feel like….”

“You always told me everything happens for a reason. God has not forgotten about you,” Cedric assured.

“But I didn’t do anything!” Jake yelled. “If I had stepped outside my marriage and broke our trust, I’m man enough to confess, but I didn’t do anything close to that. It’s like she….

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