Up Close & Personal Series (Book One)


Everything Has A Beginning….

A storm approached the city…..

One person endowed with an unusual gift is about to enter an eternal quest of

After a night of horrible memories and seeing his friends meet their eternal demise,
Larry awakes and screams, “JESUS!”

He appears to be back in the church, Pastor Warren continuing his sermon. Larry sits up in the pew. He looks around the church, his eyes trying to focus, his mind attempts to grasp the horrible visions he beheld.

“What is going on?” he thought, shaking his head left to right.

He slowly looks around the church….all of his friends are there….ALIVE!

He now attempts to warn them about the vision he foresaw….

Can he get to them before it’s too late?

Or will his actions trigger a predestined path?


Book One…..Now Available
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Up Close & Personal……

After the death of a close friend name Joey, a few people decided to get together for comfort. As a result, drinking became their way to ease the pain. Max took Joey’s death extremely hard. He indulged in alcoholic beverages to cope with the loss of his brother. One late night Max had a dream about Joey. In the dream, Joey gave Max a stack of letters. Before he was able to read them, Max always awoke from the dream. This was an ongoing dream. The only words Max could make out on the cover of the letters were the words, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL “The Letters of Warning.”

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A small book with a BIG message.


Up Close & Personal II “Caveat of Penitent”