Quick Thought

Today is better than yesterday because today is a new day. So awake with purpose and walk in determination. Remember tomorrow will be better than today because its a day you haven’t seen yet.

Life is filled with joy and a whole lot of other stuff. The key to steady evolving lies in your perception, and even more so, your intuition.

Relax and let thoughts of peace abide as you enter in today.

Your Thoughts Will Become You

As we enter the beginning of our work week, it behooves us to consider the thoughts we allow to enter and find shelter within our mind. Thoughts are intangible and they have the ability to manifest themselves. Consider the time you felt a certain way about a situations, as you thought on it, your physical body mimics the inward thoughts. Or consider the times when you were extremely excited about something. As you thought on the thing, you could feel joy bubbling on the inside and within moments, your physical output matched your inwardly joy. Let us think positive things and shun the very presence of evil or negativity. As we soar thorough this work week, let us consider the things we allow to dwell in the walls of our mind. You have the ability to choose. The body follows the lead of the mind and the mind is controlled by thoughts. So change your thoughts and watch you life soar to new heights.


Stop before you prejudge

Be careful how you prejudge….you never know what an individual is battling. Sometimes words can trigger diverse manifestations of frustration, and in the process-words form daggers, striking the obstacle of intrusion standing in its path. We must learn to simply let go. Grievous words stir up strife; and a soft answer turneth away wrath.

Intoxicated with Jubilance

As we travel through the highways of life, there are moments when our journey may seem bumpy; moments when the worst that could happen…happens. In spite of everything we encounter, we must not allow the spirit of worry to saturate our spirit. To worry is to torment oneself. After hours of torment, nothing will change except for the manifestation of a heavy spirit.

The key to not worrying is to not worry. Don’t allow situations to dictate your response, instead settle your spirit and allow wisdom to enter. Once you walk in wisdom, circumstances will only seem like a snowflake falling from heaven….they will simply fade away with time.