Poetic Expression entitled “THOUGHTZ”

The inspiration behind this poetic expression is found in the title. There are many famous quotes about thoughts and most of them stem from the same seed. We are shaped by our thoughts, in one way or another.


I think…. therefore I am
Composed of intrigued
Thoughts, concepts, forums, events, purpose, passion, desires…
My environment is the reproduction of my thoughts
It is because of my assembled pieces that I am
A vessel of intuition
My purpose has become my subliminal mission
So I think….therefore I am
Composed of life
from the vastness of my mind
and my created purpose shall be revealed in time

Inward Travel (Poetic Expression)

As I sit….
My thoughts escape and traverse,
To a place that confounds reality,
A place of my creation,
Void of confusion, heartaches, and pains,
I stand in the drizzle of hope,
Seeking to become drenched in its rain.
I no longer sit, but now I stand.
As a man I am endowed with a purpose~
Fashioned with wisdom from experiences~
I see beyond the wall of flesh that seeks to detour~
That’s robs men’s of their purpose….
I concur…
A vine may bear pleasantness which tickle your emotions~
As a viper it has a deadly potion~
Or rather poison…
To avoid its snare you must hear the right voice and….
Take heed….
Or thou shall be as the withered tree