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God Doesn’t Condemn You, Neither Do I by T.K. Ware is a wonderful look at God’s mercy and forgiveness of sin. The authors introduce readers to the idea that as Christians we may condemn ourselves for our sins, but God offers forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Adequately used scriptures are referenced to remind Christians that if they sin they have an advocate in Christ Jesus our Lord, who is able to sympathize with our human weaknesses. The book also teaches how one can learn to walk in the Spirit and to avoid the pitfalls of sin, and not to give into temptation.

A powerful book on the concept that God does not condemn those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ to forgive sins. This book is well written and timely. It carries a message that is an important one for all Christian believers to read and learn from. It offers a positive approach to dealing with and overcoming sin. This is truly a wonderful book that no church library or Christian should be without. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading other books by this authors. I highly recommend God Doesn’t Condemn You, Neither Do I to Christians everywhere.

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The Power of Belief by T.K. Ware is an uplifting and thought-provoking book that will help readers understand more about God and His power in their lives. The book speaks about the importance of discovering, seeking, and fulfilling divine purpose. The endowment starts once the belief is exercised. The author’s words give a sense of purpose to readers and will make them look at their lives with a different perspective. Everyone has a unique path designed by God and no one else can walk that path. The book reiterates the power and presence of God in everybody’s life, and how prayers can help them seek the Lord and turn away from their wicked ways.

The book helps readers understand the Scriptures better, and the author’s explanation helps them understand more about faith, divinity, and the will of God. The book has been written in a simple manner that makes it easy for readers to understand about having faith in God. The discussions on trust, faith, divinity, hope, and belief are insightful and will make everyone delve deeper into themselves and see where changes need to be made, so that they can come to a point of understanding and grow in God to obtain knowledge. This is an excellent book for all those who want to learn the ways of God. The quotes from the Scriptures help readers understand more about God and take them one step closer to Him. It is impossible to please God without faith and this book teaches readers how to become faithful to God so that they can see beyond their present state and behold the reality of their desired future.




One person endowed with an unusual gift, having seen before hand, the events that would come to pass, holds the key that will change his friend’s destiny.

After a night of horrible memories and seeing his friends meet their eternal demise, Larry awakes and screams, “JESUS!”
He looks around and he appears to be back in the church, while Pastor Warren continued his sermon. Larry sits up in the pew, confused and dazed by the events he beheld.

As he looks around the church and all of his friends are there….ALIVE

He now attempts to warn them about the vision he foresaw….

Can he get to them before it’s too late?

Or will his actions trigger a predestined path?

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ICU Room, Canten Memorial Hospital, 4:00 A.M. Saturday
I should’ve prayed that day. Maybe, just maybe, a few hours ago would’ve been different. Who am I kidding; everything led up to that moment. This is the first time I have been in the hospital. I am speechless. The cool sheets rest upon my lifeless body. The cold silence within the room carries the beeps echoing from the heart monitor. I watched the nurse slowly walk into the room. I think she hoped for some improvement, or at least a different display on the EKG. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but….

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This was a great read for me, It opened my eyes to see where I had been messing up. It reminded me that all sin is still sin so just because it may seem small doesn’t make it acceptable. I really enjoyed it, went to sleep reading it and woke up and finished it before I even got out of the bed that morning. Truly inspirational and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. God bless.

God Still Speaks
By: Royal Oasis

Sometimes we are deceived into thinking what we are doing is right, but as you read this book you can feel The Lord speaking to your heart. He is warning us to see the error of our ways and repent. This book is heart felt and a must read. This book shows us to please pay attention to the warnings that comes our way and through the warning make a decision whether you want to live or die. The agony and the pain that the characters in this book went through because of the decision they made I felt it to. It felt so real to me. After reading this book I asked The Lord to help me be more in tuned with His voice so I can make godly decisions. Thanks Mr. K. Ware for the inspiration given to me and the insight after reading your book.

Life-changing, thought provoking read
By Julie Schmidt

Wow. Sometimes God does some things in your life that are amazing. Too bad I don’t ever know until after. I couldn’t sleep last night. Not unusual for me, but I got on Goodreads saw a post from a person not of the Christian faith, and chose to post an answer. While he called me a bad name, the author of this book saw my post and told me about this book. Then gave me a great gift, this book. I can say whatever I want, he can’t stop me. For me this book was moving, inspiring, truly a gift to have read it. Simply put its a book about some young men living life while decisions change their lives. Give it a chance, you will not regret reading it, you may even be changed by it.
A great line, “You must come to Jesus as you are and He will do the cleaning.” It is actually repeated later by someone else.
“Salvation is personal and this walk through the valley of decision can only be taken alone.”
Powerful, so powerful.

Inspirational Motivational Read
By Book Lover of Inspiration

I have read several books of inspiration. Some of the books have a direct message, and others seem to have a more subliminal message. I have seen several post by this author on his blog.( Every post had its own inspiring message. Based on Author T.K.Ware’s blog, I can tell he writes to inspire and encourage people.

I was able to read his book entitled Caveat of Penitent. The title itself struck me. I love the challenge of new or different words. I found it quite interesting how the author conveyed a message even through his title. The word “Caveat” means a warning or caution, and the word “Penitent” means feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing.

The title along grabbed my attention, along with the book cover, very thought provoking book cover. It really goes with the title. As I began reading the first page, I especially love the opening line-“I should’ve prayed that day.” The first line pulled me right in. The opening scene displays a character in the hospital room looking down at a corpse on the bed. As you continue reading you will discover that the character is actually looking at himself, and reflecting on the past events that brought him to this place. The author also set the scene with a very interesting poem entitled, “Departing.” The combination of the poem, and the opening lines will prepare you for a ride. The poetic expression really set the tone for the book. As I am an avid poetry reader and writer, his poem ended with a profound line.

My life choices have chosen for me this place,
And now I am bound for eternity.

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