Success is often measured by the amount of asset one obtains. Although success can me measured by the accumulation of things, success is not defined by what a person possess, but rather the integrity of an individual who has progressed in certain areas of their life. Your level of success is not dictated by another individual’s physical manifestations of substance. You never know what they had to endure to reach that particular place. We must be thankful for the journey and walk in faith toward our individual path to success.

Your Measure of Success

Are you moving forward or backwards?

The image we see in the mirror is the reflection that can either help, stunt, or destroy our progress to any projective goal.
In order to achieve a level of success, work is required. No one magically obtains the dream or goal of their possession, unless it’s an inheritance or a chance in the lottery; but how many of us have played and won the lottery? Whatever your goal or desire is, YOU MUST WORK AND SPEAK TO THAT IMAGE IN MIRROR AND GO WORK…
nothing from nothing equals nothing. If your projective goal is a particular dream, vision, weight loss, a career, financial stability, a home, a new car, etc. etc.
Everyday is an opportunity to take one step closer. Oftentimes we take one step forward and two-three steps back, as a result, our progress is overshadowing by our back pedaling.
You Can do anything you puT your mind to….
You are capable of defeating any situation….
Your goal or dream is within the reach of your fingers….
You can make it….

These declarations and many others are possible,
Only if you believe.
Belief is not in a verbal outburst of confession or an inner persistent thought-
Your believe is demonstrated by ACTION.

State of Progression

Each day is an opportunity to change our body, soul, and spirit. We must not allow the spirit of apathy to attach itself to our mortal fibers.

Once we take a personal inventory, there should be a difference in our reflection. Our thought process should be in a state of change. Since each day is filled with new possibilities, why should we enter this newness with the same mindset?

As we approach each day, consider the words you allow to escape your vessel, and take an inventory of the thoughts that ramble within your mind. If a thought is unprofitable or negative, simply extract it.

As our mindset change, the body will enter a type of evolution that will shape the words that exit our mouth.