MAN UP is a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes from men of various backgrounds: Doctors, Business owners, Pastors, Bishops, Authors, Elders, Poets, Ministers, etc. The sole purpose is to plant seeds of hope in preparation for a bountiful future of success!

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Success is often measured by the amount of asset one obtains. Although success can me measured by the accumulation of things, success is not defined by what a person possess, but rather the integrity of an individual who has progressed in certain areas of their life. Your level of success is not dictated by another individual’s physical manifestations of substance. You never know what they had to endure to reach that particular place. We must be thankful for the journey and walk in faith toward our individual path to success.

Your Measure of Success

Is it Morning Yet?

Each day is a new opportunity to cast our net into the world of possibilities again. We must awake each day with a sense of alertness, and make use of the allotted minutes throughout the day. 20130605-053751.jpg

Take a sip and consider the things you need to accomplish today. As the liquid of thought ease down your esophagus, allow the robust flavor of decision to settle, and to prompt your steps as you take one day at a time toward your destiny. The door of opportunity is never close.

Awake in Purpose

Forget about yesterday and the problems that may have erupted. Today is a new day.
Many often forget to leave the past on the past. They oftentimes bring yesterday into today, and in the process they destroy the beauty of today. The body responds to thought. Focus on today, and desire it’s opportunities as a newborn baby seeks milk. Like the baby, today’s opportunities will become nourishment for your body, soul, and spirit. Think positive…Believe in the positive….Act positively…And you shall walk in the beauty of TODAY.