The Mindset Renewal Series (Books One-Three)

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Battling & Overcoming Self:

We all at one point in our lives have entered a battle of some sort. A battle isn’t always a physical exertion of brutish force; the most profound battles are fought within the mind. Every argument or situation you’ve faced is a result of outward thoughts. The manifestation that occurs bodily is an assimilation of thoughts, derived from your perception, which is a product of your environment.

  • How many times have you warred in your mind over a situation, trying to come up with a solution, but found yourself reliving the event?
  • Have negative thoughts ever flooded your mind to such a degree that you didn’t know what to do?
  • Do unholy thoughts enter your mind in waves, drowning you in a seat of remorse?

We must understand that thoughts are intangible (spirit) and can only become tangible (physical) through our acts. There are times when we make mistakes and somehow can’t mentally break free from those events. Instead, you find yourself re-experiencing the event mentally and constantly asking for forgiveness, hoping that God will somehow erase your mind of all traces of that moment….

Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration:

Many people spend the majority of their time battling thoughts of insecurity. This way of thinking will cause the body to manifest the emotions thereof. In the process, we beat ourselves up and summon a heap of assumptions. In this mindset, we approach people, thinking they have evil thoughts about us, and we believe the lies we have created within the walls of our mind. An explosion will erupt at the end of this cycle and people will become emotionally damaged or relationships will become altered….

21 Day Journey of Inspiration:

It is beneficial to ponder on the words we speak. When harsh words exit your mouth toward a loved one, family member, or friend, the wall of respect is shattered. In some cases, marriage ends in divorce, jobs are lost, fights are initiated, and friendships are destroyed. Unlike merchandise, you cannot return those words, even with multiple apologies, which really aren’t needed. You must search within and find out the reason why you harbored and allowed those words to come out.

Once you acknowledge your lack of control, search thoroughly within, and then pray for deliverance. Sometimes our actions are the product of unresolved emotions toward a particular event, dating as far as our childhood or another relationship. Uncontrolled emotions are like a hurricane landing on a small village….

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Shake it off~ Mindset Renewal


Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration

We have to be careful not to become a praying hypocrite. This has been a challenging year in regards to dealing with people. I understand from a psychological standpoint, how an individual becomes controlled by emotions. In moving forward, if you can’t genuinely engage with someone who has wronged you, in any capacity, then you still have a problem. It is an inward problem, not outward. There is a freedom that comes with complete forgiveness. In that place, you remember the past no more. Your mindset is only focused on the present and future.

Day Sixteen  Shake it off~Mindset Renewal

There are moments in life when we feel trapped in a wall of disappointments. Some of these disappointments are caused by external forces. When I say ‘external forces,’ I am referring to people. Everyone is arrayed with diverse personalities and experiences. We have more differences than what we have alike; only faith brings our likeness together. As we tread through life, our path may stumble upon weeds, thorns, and thistles. Once again I am referring to people. We may experiences moments when someone breaks our heart and as the cliché says, ‘cut us to the bone.’ Once your confidence in a person is breached, it opens the door to disappointment. If you’re not careful, bitterness will find root within your soul and slowly grow, being watered by your emotions and the remembrance of the dreadful event. Trust is the one thing that’s hard to recover once it’s lost. Once it’s damaged, a tidal wave of confusion will wash upon your shore. If you allow the essence of disappointment to attach itself to your mortal fibers, your mind will continue to replay the moment of hurt with EMPHASIS. After the wall of trust is broken, the first brick must be laid by you. It is a humbling act that employs hope. And when the essence of disappointment returns, we must shake it off as a tree does a withered leaf. But, if you dwell in its essence, the same hurt will return, but this time more severe.

Matthew 18: 21-22 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

Luke 6: 37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

The heart behind the wall

img_0147Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration

Day Thirty Five
The ❤️ behind the wall

Life has a way of throwing you in unexpected experiences. Sometimes the intensity of the situation can cause your mind to detour away from sound wisdom and biblical understanding. During those moments, you seek for that which is earthy and hide up under the umbrella of bitterness, in hope to shelter your feelings from the rain of truth. When emotions run rapid, marriages ends in divorce, abortions occur, jobs are lost, and relationships are destroyed. In some cases, physical and verbal abuse transpires. You never know what a person is recovering from, so be careful how you handle them. They may have just removed the wall in front of their heart. You wouldn’t want to be the vessel which made them run back behind their wall in defense. Uncontrolled emotions can cause more damage than a violent storm. When a storm passes, in time it’s no longer remembered. But words are eternal because they are spirit.

“I have a dream…”

Those words were said by Dr. Martin Luther King several years ago. The impact of those words can still be felt today. Instead of destroying one another with words, build up and speak positive declarations. Once it’s spoken, you shall eat the fruit thereof.