A Shift of Thoughts

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Day Twenty-Four: A Shift of Thoughts

A young man walked beside me one day and I could feel his burdens. A thought pulsated within my veins and rose like a peculiar fragrance. I shared words of wisdom with him and went about my way. He took a few steps forward and paused as those insightful words sat upon his mind. He then looked back at me as if he understood.

“If you can’t change whatever you are going through by thinking about it, simply stop thinking about it.”

Those profound words speak about the power of the mind. Our thoughts can control our physical output in a positive or negative way. As we shun away from all thoughts of negativity,our life will flow in a prosperous way.nice

Run the Race:31 Days of Inspiration

We decided to gather a few of our blog postings and combine them into a small book of inspiration.

Run the Race: 31 Days of Inspiration.
A small book with a BIG MESSAGE.
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There are moments in life where everything seems to go in a blur. During those instances our mind can become influenced and control by external forces as we attempt to cope with day-to-day activities. In the meantime we mentally juggle our issues hoping to sort them out before they explode. Sometimes all is takes is the right word to spark or ignite the faith that lingers within all of us. Everyone has their own journey and it helps when someone can pass along a baton of inspiration as we run the race. Many people hide behind a smile in order to shelter themselves from the world.
RUN THE RACE is not a declaration or a ministerial devotion of doctrine, but rather it is a few words of inspiration, a conversation of hope, created to aid your journey as you stride through life.

The Poet Within Emerge

Poet Talk“If something I write or have written can help someone make it through the day, then my writing is with purpose; my only desire is to encourage, motivate and uplift others through my words of inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is a certain inspired word to steer many into the right direction. I don’t want to be someone who just writes to write. I want to be that person who helped and encouraged others through his writings. I am only a vessel, seeking to inspire others as we live this life of faith…to live again.”

The Inspirations of the Author/Poet
Release Date: August 30, 2013

Up Close & Personal……

After the death of a close friend name Joey, a few people decided to get together for comfort. As a result, drinking became their way to ease the pain. Max took Joey’s death extremely hard. He indulged in alcoholic beverages to cope with the loss of his brother. One late night Max had a dream about Joey. In the dream, Joey gave Max a stack of letters. Before he was able to read them, Max always awoke from the dream. This was an ongoing dream. The only words Max could make out on the cover of the letters were the words, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL “The Letters of Warning.”

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A small book with a BIG message.


Up Close & Personal II “Caveat of Penitent”

Insert from Poet Talk

O’ Gracious KING

I trust in thee O’ LORD, who is able,

To meet all of my expectations,

My thoughts are but whispers running, across His Mind.

O’ Gracious KING

My joy yet remains because of you

Every trial and tribulation I face,

I understand it is only sent my way,

To equip me-

With the experience; as stones are added to my pyramid of hope and faith.

When I look back and see how far I have come,

I know it’s because of your love, mercy and grace.

And when I was debilitated with sorrow and couldn’t see my way out

As a mighty eagle you came down and lifted me up high above

All the problems, situations, circumstances, heartaches, disappointments, resentments, frustrations, and trials

Once I gathered strength, you sent me back through them

With the assurance that I am not alone;

And when they seem overbearing …

 In my weakness your strength is made known.

I walk this walk and take this journey never alone.

But as a man and His GOD

You have never failed nor forsaken me,

Provision you have made daily, Healings you have sent, Deliverance has been decreed.

As I transition to a Son who trust in thee.


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Insightful Words of Inspiration- that will minister to your body, soul and spirit.