The Pursuit of Happiness

Most people are familiar with the movie starring the actor Will Smith and his character’s ability to rise beyond circumstances to obtain a needful position which enhanced his way of life.

But I want to talk about another type of pursuit. For the most part, we all have a goal or desire that if obtained would bring a measurable amount of happiness our way. So each day we look for that particular window to open and in the process we forget about the windows that are already open.

Throughout the word of God, there are promises to those who live & walk in faith. Once we change the thrust of our pursuit and realize the windows that are already opened, our lives will flow with happiness. But this type of happiness isn’t measured by physical objects. It is intangible and therefore cannot be controlled by circumstances.

Regardless to how you may feel, your circumstances is only temporary. Use the faith you have within and speak your desired environment into existence. In due season, your environment will bring happiness and once you learn it was God all alone, that happiness will create joy.


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