Portent of Eternity-Coming Soon-New Trailer

One person endowed with an unusual gift, having seen before hand, the events that would come to past, holds the key that will change his friend’s destiny.

He now attempts to warn them about the vision he foresaw….

Can he get to them before it’s too late?

Or will his actions trigger a predestined path?

Run the Race: 31 Days of Inspiration

There are moments in life where everything seems to go in a blur. During those instances our mind can become influenced and control by external forces as we attempt to cope with day to day activities. In the meantime we mentally juggle our issues hoping to sort them out before they explode. Sometimes all it takes is the right word to spark or ignite the faith that lingers within all of us. Everyone has their own journey and it helps when someone can pass along a baton of inspiration as we run the race. Many people hide behind a smile in order to shelter themselves from the world.

RUN THE RACE is not a declaration or a ministerial devotion of doctrine, but rather it is a few words of inspiration, a conversation of hope, created to aid your journey as you stride through life.

***Order your copy and BE INSPIRED***


We are now a few weeks away from the release of the 2nd book in the UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES. A week after its release, Caveat of Penitent reached the best selling list. The buzz and anticipation has begun with the expectation of the 2nd book in the series, ‘Portent of Eternity.’
Before we can move to the 2nd, we must revisit the 1st and prepare for the conclusion of the story.

A HUSBAND’S LOVE SNEAK PEEK~Coming this Valentine’s Day

John, poised with courage, glanced over at Emma and her mother. He exhaled and felt a surge of guilt pulsate within his veins, knowing he had brought his problems into their home. He mustered up enough courage and approached the intruders, hoping to detour their attention away from Emma and her mother.

Suddenly without warning….
Something happened….
Bullets were fired….

A Declaration of Hope

This is a prophetic song of declaration. If you can believe it….you can receive it as your own statement. God has good thoughts concerning us and once our faith reaches the pinnacle of belief, the very words in this song will become apart of us. They will become our declarations. If they are spoken in the spirit of faith…..your life will become the testimony of this song.