Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration Day One

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Day One
A Moment of Transformation

As we dive into the weekend, for some this is a moment of relaxation, a time when your body rest and rejuvenates from a tiresome work week. The weekend for others may be a moment when they can focus their inner ambitions or plans toward a particular goal. We all have wants, desires, dreams, and an assortment of hopes. To be honest, there are mixed percentages of fulfillment from individuals who have obtained everything they have craved. Statistics dictate that very few of us actually reach the pentacle of pleasure we once dreamed as a little child.


The only thing that’s outside our possible possession is the heavens above. If we can imagine, then we can obtain it through hard work. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that if you wished for a trillion dollars to be deposited into your bank account that it will magically appear; sorry it doesn’t work like that. However, I am saying that if you remain focused on your objective at hand, all things you seek will manifest. Remember that faith has to be the binding glue of hope.

They say practice makes perfect, but I would like to interject that commitment produces a level of substance. All things are possible to those that believe. These profound words were written several thousand years ago. They have never wavered or faltered. The problem is do we actually believe?

As we continue through life, remember that everything you encounter has a purpose. The moment your mind opens up to the realization of the possibilities that are yet awaiting for you, an instant transformation will take place and your steps will become governed by

The choice is yours

imageEveryone has a goal or goals they hope to accomplish in life. Somewhere between thought and reality, many become weary as days turn into months. No one is to blame except for the image in the mirror. Some may say, my finances are not right. That is not an excuse to become weary. We all have 24 hours per day to advance toward our goals in some way or another. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Knowledge really is power but so many people fail to grasp that concept. Knowledge will ultimately bring an abundance your way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Faith starts with a thought, which is manifested throughout the body. So what are you seeking? What have you been praying for? The question is, are you walking in faith or doubt? Prove it to yourself. What goals did you have at the beginning of the year? As we self inspect our life, we will begin to identify if we’re walking in faith or shades of doubt. Opportunities are waiting for you. Are you ready?