Leave your past in the past

Continue to smile and live! Don’t worry about those who have left. Everyone can’t go where you’re going. Some people are only present for seasons.

Enter the new year with forgiveness. Forgive yourself and those who have wronged you. Leave negative things and people in 2017. Don’t become a garbage can for foolishness, gossip, backbiting, etc.

As you enter this mindset, expect the blessings of the Lord to shower upon you


He sees … He knows … You can’t hide …

One of the hardest things to do is to be honest with self. So many people hide behind smiles, hallelujahs, declarations of blessedness, giggles, social media, and even prayer.  We often forget there is ONE who see the real person that’s hiding behind physical displays. He knows the thoughts you have toward your brothers and sisters in the Lord. He knows the thoughts you have toward those who don’t have the same faith as you. He see you walk by your neighbor and not speak. He watch you avoid speaking to someone because of how they made you feel. REPENT THEREFORE. He knows the hatred that abides in your heart when you see someone who has wronged you. The LORD cannot be fooled. REPENT THEREFORE. He hears the sinful words that comes out of your mouth. He sees the lust in your eye. He knows the evil thoughts that dance in your mind. He hears your lying tongue. He sees your judgemental spirit. REPENT THEREFORE.

He knows all your shortcomings and yet stands with His arms open. In love, He beacons all to come through the gateway of repentance, and walk in the newness of life. Tomorrow is not promised to those who walk in darkness. This form of darkness is the absence of light. If you have been exposed to the LIGHT, then it should be evident in your life. In order to received forgiveness, we must forgive those who have wrong us. No one is exempt. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So let us walk therein this newness and embrace one another in the fruit of love.

Don’t deceive yourself. He is coming and His reward is just. For some it will be heaven’s glory, and for others it will be a gruesome departure from His glory. 5733159040_76e50e303d_z

Book Review of ESQUIRE: The Lawyer of Faith by Readers’ Favorite


Two gunshots, a missionary and calculated revenge are the bewildering twists that capture the attention of Charles Everson, or better still, Esquire. In the book Esquire: The Lawyer of Faith – Part One by T.K. Ware, Everson is a top-notch lawyer with one mission; to come to the aid of helpless victims in their time of need and put the bad guys away. However, this time around it does not look that simple. Francis Newberry, a missionary arrested for a double homicide, seems to be hiding something even from him, her lawyer. At first, the facts seem to be straightforward. A battle ensued and, in the name of self-defense, two shots were fired. As the case progresses, Everson soon realizes he is caught up in a vicious struggle for revenge. As things take a turn for the worse, he starts to doubt every single detail he has gathered regarding the case and all that he knows about the victim.

Esquire: The Lawyer of Faith – Part One by T.K. Ware is packed with enthralling action and intriguing plot twists which make it the kind of book you read in one sitting. From deceit to revenge, Ware writes a compelling story that will have a grip on any reader. Still, T.K. Ware manages also to build powerful characters who dominate each scene effectively. The character presented by Charles Everson is an admirable one, which made me more emotionally attached to the story. The book evoked my emotions as I sympathized with different characters and felt anger and despair in between. It was an engaging read and I definitely recommend it to readers….