State of Mind

Awake each day with purpose. That particular line was from a movie in which the actor said its something he tells his clients. Those few words can propel you to your next level. Not only do we need to awake each day with purpose, but we need to awake to our purpose. Regardless to where we may be financially, economically or spiritually, we all must awake to our purpose. Your purpose doesn’t have to be the discovery of rocket fueled plutonium, but yet something simple as belief. Just believe in yourself. Consider how you’ve live thus far. Have your accomplished the things you hoped for? And the things that you have accomplished, are they to your liking?
So as the year ends and the season of holidays enter, it’s time to awake.
Time to awake to your intended purpose; the thing that separates you from the billions of people walking the earth.
You are unique.
No one can be you better that you can be you. You were created with purpose.

Think Positive

There is a certain essence that’s released when you believe in yourself. Regardless of your profession, its important to think highly of your ability; but not in a way that belittles anyone. If negative thinking manifests negative things, positive thinking will manifest positive results. I’ve known many people in different arenas of life; spiritually and financially. Thinking positive brings a warm presence and understanding to your mind. Our biggest critic is the reflection we see in the mirror. And when you enter that moment of belief, attach actions to the very thing you are believing in. To have faith is good, but to have faith with works is better.

Personal Progress Report

As we enter the last few month of the year, consider how you’ve spent the previous ten months. Did you accomplish any of your goals? If you were seeking a change in your physical appearance, did you reach your mark or did apathy set in? You are what you eat and you become what you think. As we tread through the days of our lives, every so often it good to take a personal inventory of status.
Every day is an opportunity to change or at least step in the direction of change. Soon those steps will turn into a walk. And then your walk will become a run- Over a period of time, you will discover a difference in your way of life; spiritually and physically.

Food for Thought

Life is purposeful if we understand purpose. We all were created for greatness. Greatness is not an abundance of wealth or a phenomenal creation. Greatness is the fulfillment of purpose and striving in your arena. Everyone has the potential to triumph in any arena of life. We have to know this more profoundly than we believe our humanity. The key lies within the mind. Once our thought process shift, the body will follow.

Shall I Repeat???

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Pursue Until You Capture

Who told you your inner desires, goal, and inner ambitions is a figment of your imagination, or a fairytale of a child imaginings? You can accomplish anything you plunge your efforts toward. As we allow the spirit of confidence to overtake us, it will empower us with an ability to stand in adversity. Failure is only a state of mind that transcends into the physical realm….only if we accept our disappointments as failure; instead accept the delay as progress toward your goal.

Pursue Until You Capture

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A Book of Inspiraiton for the holidays~Coming Soon

John met a woman who changed his future….
In the process he found SALVATION….

John thought he could run away from his past; but one day they found him. One afternoon Emma invited John over for dinner. He had no idea he was being followed. They waited for the right moment and barged into the home, carrying a 357 magnum and a 9m.m.
Fear seized Emma and her mother as they sat on the couch. John, poised with courage, glanced over at Emma and her mother. He exhaled and felt a surge of guilt pulsate within his veins, knowing he had brought his problem into their home. He mustered up enough courage and approached the masked robbers, hoping to detour their focus away from Emma and her mother.
Suddenly without warning….
Something happened…
Bullets were fired….