Pay attention to the signs

Everyone has stop codes. These are phrases or words that indicate when they have reached their limit. It’s best to take heed. Some people explode viciously or from a defensive stance. Just back away and give them time. Don’t just pray for them, pray for yourself as well. And remember what King Solomon said, ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grevious words stir up strife.’

Somethings are spiritually discerned

Sometimes emotions can cloud your judgement. When you respond from the seat of emotions, you attempt to diagnose something that’s spiritual with a natural remedy. Whenever you lack wisdom in a situation, it’s best to pray and wait for an answer. The answer is not going to be a thunderous echo, but rather a peaceful array of thoughts, flowing through your mind.

Have you thought about…

We all have done things that we’re not proud if. Some of those things still have lingering effects on our conscious. Occasionally we beat ourself up for our choices in those life-altering events. The beauty of life is that today is a new day. Our past experiences, even if they were troublesome, are in the past. We must gleam from them and extract wisdom. Sooner or later our wisdom will become knowledge for someone who is going through the same or similar experience.

Moment of realization

Some people change their ways when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.
Schoeder, Caroline

Consider what motivates you day after day. Are you coveting another individual’s gift or seeking to evolve in your own. As long as our actions are not for vain glory or muzzled jealousy, then our efforts will flourish in their season. Continue to plant seeds of hope, and one day those seeds will grow into the very thing you hoped for.

Run the Race( a book of hope)

Everything we do is being monitored. So it behooves us to make sure our motives are not for vain glory. Trouble is on the horizon. We all go through moments when despair knocks on our door. It is at these times when our faith must activate and believe that there is a brighter day coming. It also helps when we’re reminded that troubled wont always last. You are created with purpose. You can make it regardless to your past mistakes. Your future is bright and filled with promises.

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Guess what?

Your better days are just ahead. It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t accomplished, your future is bright as the stars of heaven. Our past experiences have equipped us with a measurable amount of wisdom. Even more so, God isn’t thinking about our past mistakes, but rather our present state as we trod toward the future.