~Coming Soon~ Trial of Injustice



Be Careful…. words can be deceptive

A smile is only a gesture displayed to show a form of affection, separate from physical touch. It is when a smile is used deceptively, and followed by words of endearment, than one must discern through the “eye of the mind”. Be careful because words can be deceptive if the acts of an individual speak otherwise. You can’t read an individual’s mind, but you can “read” their actions.







Avoid the naysayers

Passion is something that exist within all of us. It is intangible and can only be understood through an individual’s efforts. Even then it cannot be fully understood from an outward view. Some people view you from eyes of the past. Even though it’s a new year, some people are trapped in the confinement of their mind and hindered by perception they have of you. Don’t argue or try to prove your value, simply walk away from their words–mentally and physically. Only YOU understand the passion that lies within. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Sometimes it can be someone close to you. If their words are distracting, then it can shift your focus. If you have a vision don’t allow negative words from other shift your focus. Stay committed to your passion. In time, the intangible will become tangible.