On a Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama the body of a twenty-one year-old woman was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of eyewitnesses and fingerprints, the man responsible for the heinous crime was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis.

Charles ‘Esquire’ Everson, a man gifted with determination and an avenger of truth, became the most prestigious and sought after lawyer in the state of Alabama, due to his unwavering litigation skills. After finishing another victorious case, he returned to his office. As the day continued, he found himself logging into Facebook, and nearly dropped his phone when he discovered that his former pastor was arrested for first-degree murder.

Without a second thought, he flew to Banker, Alabama to prove the innocence of a godly man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens.

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The stigmata of being a pastor’s daughter

Ebony never admitted to being perfect. She was esteemed because her father is that pastor. When flesh got out of control, she brought shame on herself, family, and the church.

As the story unfolds, Ebony takes chapter break to confess before the readers. These timely confessions allows the readers to see from her eyes and to feel the sentiments of her repentive heart.

Ebony is a prime example of how someone can allow lust to wreck havoc in their life. It can happen to anyone who is unaware of the subtleness of temptation.



A story or reality

The creation of this project was a figment of my imagination until I received messages from others. Then, I realized that is was a reality for certain people. Sex in the church shouldn’t be a topic of discussion. Sadly, it happens all the time. The church isn’t filled with perfect people. The church is filled with people that need to be per-FECTED!rose

Inward Thoughts

We all at one point in our lives have entered a battle of some sort. A battle isn’t always a physical exertion of brutish force; the most profound battles are fought within the mind.

How many times have you warred in your mind over a situation, trying to come up with a solution, but found yourself reliving the event?

So in retrospect, you battle thoughts with thoughts, hoping to sort things out before your mind explodes.

We must remember to acknowledge God IN ALL THINGS. He knows. He sees. He understands. He is waiting on US to utilize our faith and TRUST Him. We are in a warfare, and our greatest weapon rest within.